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Dr. Funk heads back to the classroom

Dr. Funk heads back to the classroom

Stonebridge first graders had a very special substitute teacher on Friday. Superintendent Mike Funk took charge of the classroom for a day - giving their regular teacher, Tim Hackbarth, the day off.

As part of the Pony Up for Kids fundraiser through The Partnership Plan, a Stonebridge parent won the right to assign the superintendent a new job for a day. She chose to have Dr. Funk “fill the shoes” of her son’s teacher.

The experience gave Dr. Funk a taste of life in a very active first grade classroom. He led a morning meeting, read stories, answered dozens of questions, assisted kids with their assignments, and redirected students who were off task - all in the first 90 minutes of the day! Not used to such a busy work environment, Dr. Funk gave a visible sign of relief after ushering the students into the media center midway through the morning.

“It was fun, but they wore me out,” said Dr. Funk. “There’s a reason I was a secondary teacher!” 

Since becoming a superintendent more than 15 years ago, Dr. Funk has spent one day each year filling in for a staff member. He’s been a para several times. He’s worked in a lunchroom serving meals and in a school office as the principal’s secretary. He’s subbed in several classrooms over the years, but never at the primary level.

“I really appreciate how hard our educators work every day,” he said. “These are tough jobs, and I am proud of the high-quality teachers and support staff we have in our schools.”

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