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Carpool/Pick Up Vehicles

Carpool/Pick Up Vehicles
  • Line up on the west side of Owens street (along the curb), just north of the school’s entrance.
  • Wait for our traffic controller to signal you in.
  • Please do not block driveways or crosswalks.
  • Once into the school parking area, proceed towards the school entrance following to the right.
  • Stay in line, pull ahead to the marked carpool sign.
  • Pull away promptly to keep the line moving.

After School Arrangements: Arrangements for getting home or going to a friend’s house have to be made before students come to school and students must have a parents note for the teacher and bus driver. Change In Your Child’s Schedule

At The End Of The Day: If you have a change in the way your child goes home, please send a note or call early in the day. This gives our staff an opportunity to locate and deliver the message to your child.

Appointments: You will need to activate the intercom upon arrival and one of our office staff will sign your child out. Your child will meet you in the vestibule. Upon return to school, you will need to activate the intercom and one of our staff will sign your child in and take them to their class. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the office at 651-351- 8700.

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